In my book, Magic in Bloom, Maggie and her family have a very special flower shop, but on the side her mama also makes teas and tinctures for the people of Indigo Bay. Here is a little bit of information about herbal remedies and a tea recipe.

First, safety. Most herbs are completely safe to consume, but with anything tread carefully. If you experience any side effects, stop taking and consult your doctor. Side note: I'm not a doctor, just interested in herbal remedies. 

On to the fun stuff. People all across the world have been using herbal remedies for 1,000's of years. Her are some of the most commonly used herbs today.

Garlic - used to treat high blood pressure and heart disease

Cranberry - used to treat urinary tract infections

St. John's Wort - used to treat mild depression

Peppermint - helps calm an upset stomach

Chamomile - promotes sleep and relaxation

Tea for Sleep

1 TBSP dried chamomile or a chamomile tea bag

1 TBSP dried spearmint leaves

1 TBSP dried lavender 

1 TBSP dried lemon balm

Let this steap for about 5 minutes in approximately 2 cups of almost boiling water. Enjoy!

The fun thing about diy herbal tea is that you can combine any herbs that you like and see what works best for you.

Tea Pot