The Charms is a trilogy of books about a family in South Carolina. Magic in Bloom is the first book. Magic in Allure is the second. I am currently working on the third.

Magic in Allure
Ivy Charm can’t wait to leave for college. She’ll miss her family of course, but she’s ready to be independent. After spending her whole life in the same perfect little town and as part of a family that's a little different, she can’t wait to meet new people and see new places. Most of all, she wants to have fun.
And she does. After getting through a couple of weeks of homesickness and feeling lost, she meets a great guy and joins a sorority. She’s busy and fulfilled, becoming one of the most popular girls on campus. No one can seem to take their eyes off her but soon the dark side of her popularity begins to become clear, ultimately putting her life in danger.
Can Ivy change enough to save herself or will her need to be wanted destroy her?
Magic in Bloom
Maggie Charm lives in the perfect town with her mom and three sisters. It's finally summer and she can't wait to spend her time helping her mom in their peculiar flower shop and lounging on the porch reading books.
But soon, her perfect summer takes a dark turn. Her family is in danger and something is affecting the whole town. Can Maggie and her family find out who or what is behind it before it's too late?


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