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Recent Read: Scorpica by G.R. Macallister

Scorpica is a sweeping fantasy set in the world of the five queendoms. Women have all the power in this world. They have the strongest magic and are the fiercest warriors. But when something happens to prevent baby girls from being born, the peace that the world has known for hundreds of years begins to unravel.

Scorpica switches back and forth between the narratives of multiple female characters from several different kingdoms. As the book progresses, their stories weave together more and more.

I appreciated Macallister's building of the five queendoms world. Each kingdom is different in landscape and in the way the people that live there find meaning in life. I enjoyed reading about the different kingdoms and seeing how the way a character acted was dependent on which kingdom she was from.

My husband also read this book and enjoyed it, but he thought the middle dragged a little. After reading the book myself, I concluded he felt this way because there weren't as many fight scenes and there was much more character development happening in the middle chapters. This is something we always disagree on, whether we're watching a movie or reading a book. I need character development! If there's only action, I get bored. My husband, on the other hand, loves action and only tolerates a little character development.

I wanted to point this out in case you feel the same way as my husband. He still enjoyed the book, but felt it was a little slow in the middle. I thought the pace was good for the entire book and didn't want to stop reading.

Also, important to note, this book does contain some fairly graphic violence. This is the only thing I didn't enjoy about the book. A couple of scenes I just skipped over because I'm a little sensitive to that kind of thing.

I recommend this book to anyone looking for an exciting fantasy set in a new world that turns the more traditional patriarchal society on its head.

If interested, you can purchase Scorpica here: AMAZON.

To find about more about G.R. Macallister you can visit her website

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