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Recent Read: The Younger Wife by Sally Hepworth

The Younger Wife is the story of a family adjusting to a lot of change. The first wife, Pam, has just been moved to a long-term care facility because she has dementia. Her husband, Stephen, has begun dating a much younger woman, Heather, who has some issues to deal with from her past. And Pam's two grown daughters, Tully and Rachel, have their own problems.

We're dropped right into a dramatic scene: Heather and Stephen's wedding where something terrible has happened, but the reader doesn't know exactly what. The book moves back and forth between the wedding scene and the past, and the story is told from the Heather's, Tully's, and Rachel's POV.

Like all of the Sally Hepworth books I've read, The Younger Wife is about the intricacies of relationships, but also about family secrets. I love Sally's writing and this book is just as good. I am a sloooooow reader, but I finished this book in two days because I couldn't stop. I needed to know what was happening.

I enjoyed the way the author switched back and forth between the wedding scene and the past, and between the different character's viewpoints. Each character was different and interesting.

I have enjoyed all of the Sally Hepworth books that I've read, and The Younger Wife is no exception. It was a page-turner that I couldn't wait to finish.

To buy this book or find out more about Sally Hepworth go to her website at Sally Hepworth (

Also, if you are on Instagram, Sally is a delight to follow. Sally Hepworth 📚 (@sallyhepworth)

Let me know if you've read The Younger Wife and what you thought of it.


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