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Character Sketch

I have enjoyed the challenge of writing from four very different sisters' points of view for The Charms trilogy. When I was first sketching the story out, I wanted to make sure that they were all very different physically and in personality. It was important to me that each sister look different from the other because my own children look very different from each other. I also wanted to insert the idea that families don't have to look alike to still be a family.

Just for fun, I thought I would share a little about each of the sisters in a short series of character sketches. To make things simpler, I will go from oldest to youngest, even though the first book follows Maggie, the second-oldest sister.

Ivy, the oldest sister, is the only sister to resemble Mama in any way. They both have dark hair and eyes, and an olive complexion. I imagined them both looking somewhat Mediterranean. Ivy is very into fashion and loves dressing up.

Ivy is very popular every where she goes. People are drawn to her, which eventually leads to some difficulties for her. She is also stubborn and sassy. She's adventurous and loves her family. Although this particular quality was one I wanted to embody all of the sisters with.

I thought I would have trouble writing Ivy because I consider myself much more like Maggie and not at all like Ivy. But she was my easiest character to write and the one I most enjoyed writing.

I've created simple Pinterest boards for each sister to give me a more concrete image of them. If you want to check out Ivy's, feel free:

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