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Small Talk

For this Small Talk I want to discuss writing spaces. As in, where you like to write. Are you a strictly "writing in the office person" or is your writing spot more casual? Or if you don’t have an office do you write at the kitchen table or on the living room couch? Do you have more than one dedicated writing spot? Do you leave your house to write?

I’m fascinated by where other writers/artists choose to work. I have a Pinterest board devoted to writing spaces and enjoy the variety that I find. It's interesting to see if people prefer working in a sparse environment or whether it's full of nick knacks or stacks of books.

In our new house, I spent a long time setting up a nice office space to work at. We even gave our old desk to one of the kids and bought a nice new desk for our office. And while I do write at the new desk sometimes, I also spend about half my time in the living room writing on the couch and a side table that has a secret life as my desk. I especially like it because there are steps on the side that can hold all of my drinks, notebooks, and planner.

Oftentimes there's also a blanket and the fireplace might be on. Especially this time of year when it is soooo chilly. I think I actually prefer writing here on the couch, but sometimes I need the seriousness of the desk to feel like a "real" writer.

I also enjoy writing in the car if I can swing it. I will sometimes arrive at an appointment or school function 30 minutes early and sit in the car to write. I like to do this because there are so few distractions in the car. I also try to fit writing in during my kids' athletic practices, if possible. So much of writing is really just doing it when and whereever you can.

Where is your favorite place to write?



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