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Small Talk

Just for fun because the world is a hot dumpster fire right now, I thought I'd introduce my pets. Our family has a 10 year-old dog, Daisy, a 5 year-old cat, Kiki, and a 4 year-old cat, Shadow.

We adopted Daisy from a rescue shelter when she was a puppy. They told us that she is part beagle, part boxer, but we have had a lot of people tell us she looks like a pit bull. (I have no idea.) She loves going for walks and playing ball. But her favorite thing, is exploring a new place with all new smells. I think she's definitely part beagle!

This is Kiki. We adopted him from a cat rescue shelter. He is the most terrible/wonderful cat. He is full of spunk and personality. He does whatever he wants and we let him. Because look at that face.

This little guy is Shadow. We discovered him living under a little bridge behind our house during a snow storm. We think he was probably abandoned because he has had a lot of problems to overcome. We started feeding him and leaving our shed door open for him, so he could come out of the snow. After a few months of this, he came inside. He's still extremely skittish and will only let me pick him up, but he's doing a lot better.

This is what my typical meal prep looks like. It can be tricky trying to cook dinner with these three underfoot, but I wouldn't have it any other way. They bring a lot of joy to our family.


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