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Top Five: Writing Resolutions

I'm one of those people that really loves making resolutions every year. I love the whole idea of a fresh new page being turned and a whole year spread before me filled with possibilities. I also enjoy a bit of self-improvement.

Most years I pick a couple of health/fitness goals, some writing goals, a couple of personal goals, and I always do the Popsugar Reading Challenge.

Because this is a blog about writing, I will just share my writing resolutions for this year.

1. Enter a short story contest.

2. Publish the second Charms novel

3. Finish the mystery I'm writing.

4. Read three books about writing/for writers.

5. Attend a writing conference.

I would say these are all large but fairly doable items. Truthfully, the one that I believe I'll have the most difficult time with is the last one. I almost didn't put it on here. Part of the reason I enjoy writing is because I'm such an introvert. Attending an event like a writer's conference feels me with anxiety, but I'm sure it would be beneficial.

What about you? Do you have any resolutions that you know will grow you, but you're just not sure about them? Whatever your goals are for the year, good luck accomplishing them!


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